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Polaris Learning Centre is a certified private school that offers one-on-one high school credit courses to students in Grade 9-12 with teachers that ensure their classroom caters to every student’s learning needs. Students can obtain a high school credit for any course offered under the Ontario curriculum during the school year or in the summer.

Each course is designed to accommodate the unique schedule of each student. Students are welcome to take private courses during the day or in the evening, with a customised schedule that matches their availability.


Grade 9

  • English ENL1W

  • Mathematics MTH1W

  • Science SNC1W

  • Core French FSF1O

  • Issues in Canadian Geography CGC1D

  • Learning Strategies 1: Skills for Success in Secondary School GLS1O

Grade 10

  • English ENG2D, ENG2P

  • Foundations of Mathematics MfM2P

  • Principles of Mathematics MPM2D

  • Science SNC2D

  • Core French FSF2D

  • Canadian History Since WW1 CHC2D

  • Civics and Citizenship CHV2O

  • Career Studies GLC2O

Grade 11

  • English ENG3U

  • Foundations for College Mathematics MBF3C

  • Functions and Applications MCF3M

  • Functions MCR3U

  • Chemistry SCH3U

  • Biology SBI3U

  • Physics SPH3U

  • Core French FSF3U

  • Philosophy: The Big Questions HZB3M

  • Financial Accounting Fundamentals BAF3M

  • World History to the End of the Fifteenth Century CHW3M

  • Marketing: Goods, Services, and Events BMI3C

  • Media Studies EMS3O

  • Travel and Tourism: A Regional Geographic Perspective CGG3O

  • Introduction to Anthropology, Psychology, and Sociology HSP3U

Grade 12

  • English ENG4U

  • The Writer's Craft EWC4U

  • Ontario Secondary School Literacy Course OLC4O

  • Foundations for College Mathematics MAP4C

  • Calculus and Vectors MCV4U

  • Advanced Functions MHF4U

  • Mathematics of Data Management MDM4U

  • Chemistry SCH4U

  • Biology SBI4U

  • Physics SPH4U

  • Core French FSF4U

  • International Business Fundamentals BBB4M

  • World Issues: A Geographic Analysis CGW4U

  • World History Since the Fifteenth Century CHY4U

  • Canada: History, Identity, and Culture CHI4U

  • Nutrition and Health HFA4U

  • Families in Canada HHS4U

  • Philosophy: Questions and Theories HZT4U

  • Challenge and Change in Society HSB4U

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